Unreliable Caller ID

I really wish the caller ID on my Samsung Focus was reliable.  It usually works with correctly connecting numbers to my contacts, although there have been a few cases that it doesn’t.  One issue was that all the contact connections in my call history and text messages became disconnected a few weeks ago.  I think that was maybe a one time thing though because it hasn’t happen since them.  The other issue is my phone going to some strange state where it looks like it has reset, but hasn’t actually reset.  I made a video a while ago of this.

When my phone gets in this state, caller ID no longer works. It just displays the number, which wouldn’t be that bad if I knew every contact on my phone… My phone may go to this state a few times a day or maybe only once in a few days. I have not found any thing causing it to go to this state. I do have a SanDisk 32 GB MicroSD card, which may have something to do with it, although I have a lot more than the 8GB of internal memory used up now, so resting it would be kind of annoying right now.. Hopefully the NoDo update has some effect on this issue, although I won’t know until AT&T releases it.

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