250 GB is nothing (with math)

As a U-Verse customer, I am very concerned about the new bandwidth cap. There are a lot of people who believe “nobody will use that much” then throw out a lot of possibly made up statistics and grids of what 250 GB could be in usage. I am going to take a look at it in a different way. The plan I have is 12 Mbps, and I realistically usually get 11.5 Mbps (which I am fine with). My maximum speed is usually the speed that I get as long as the source can support it. How long can I use that speed before hitting the cap?

Well here is some math:

I can only use my full internet speed for a little over TWO DAYS… Given that an average month is about 30 days, 49.47 hours is just a little over 1/15th of the time. Every month I pay $45, and that price has not gone down at all. Being that I can only use it for about 1/15th of the month without being charged more, my plan is now effectively worth a little over $3/month. What if I used it all month? How much would that cost?

Here is a little more math:

This means that the cost of fully using the service that I pay for is now 1611% of what it was before the caps. Can anyone say price gouging..?

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