This is the blog of Mike Dennis.  I also go by korn1699 or mdenn in a variety of communities online.  I am a Web Developer and a fairly avid gamer.  There are also a lot of other things I am interested and will probably post about.



2 Responses to About

  1. Szilard Gyorgy says:


    Based on stackoverflow.com you have a google mini with enterprise network start problem
    I have the same problem – have you fixed ? do you have any solution for it ?

    Szilard Gyorgy

    • korn1699 says:

      No, I could only get people to talk to me who wanted to sell a new Google Search Appliance. We ended up getting one…although they are going to stop selling them soon, since they want to move everyone to a hosted version. I was able to set it up quicker, using the configuration files from the mini though. On ours, those were located at /5.0.4/local/conf. I got to the files with Parted Magic, but I think any Linux install or live Linux disk should work. A former coworker had set up the mini, so having those files to go on really helped me out because I had only logged into it once or twice prior to our issue.

      Sorry for not having a solution to that problem.


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