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It has definitely been way too long since I posted here.  One of the things that has happened since my last post is that I am kind of a “Bitcoin expert” now…  Honestly, I feel that there is so much … Continue reading

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Dell, Fix Your Bios

This issue has been a problem for me for some time now. I have spent hours with Dell support, with no real help. I basically gave up hope of any solution until I listened to “What Would Google Do?” by … Continue reading

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250 GB is nothing (with math)

As a U-Verse customer, I am very concerned about the new bandwidth cap. There are a lot of people who believe “nobody will use that much” then throw out a lot of possibly made up statistics and grids of what … Continue reading

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Poker Hand Test Data

While looking for some code to use for a screenshot because Microsoft rejected my first WP7 submission due to the original icon I used, I came across some code from a graduate class I took. The class was on intelligent … Continue reading

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Unreliable Caller ID

I really wish the caller ID on my Samsung Focus was reliable.  It usually works with correctly connecting numbers to my contacts, although there have been a few cases that it doesn’t.  One issue was that all the contact connections … Continue reading

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